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10 Commonly Used Bridal Jewelry in Marathi Weddings

10 commonly used Bridal Jewelry in Marathi Weddings

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Bridal Jewelry is crucial in any wedding. They complete the bride’s look.Any Marathi woman’s appearance is incomplete without a traditional Paithani and Chandra kor Tikli. Our Maratha Vadhu Var Suchak Kendra also helps you in picking out the best bridal jewelries to make a bride look perfect.

1. Nath

Nath is a unique nose ornament that is different than a normal nosepin and it completes the traditional look of a Marathi bride. A Marathi Nath is available in many different styles.A Bramhani Nath is said to be the most famous marathi wedding jewelry as it’s filled with Basra Pearls&Emeralds.

2. Thushi

Thushi is a neckpiece very similar to a choker which is weaved with gold coloured beads. It can be adjusted according to the comfort of the bride as it comes with a dori/ adjustable thread. It looks fantastic when it is combined with a Paithani Saree.

3. Mohan Maal

Mohan Maal is like any other maal/ necklace with many layers of golden beads and strings. Different designs may have different styles, but it usually has 6-8 layers.

4. Lakshmi Haar

A Lakshmi haar,is commonly known as a coin necklace or a temple necklace. The coins are beautifully decorated by carvings of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi.

5. Kolhapuri Saaj

Marathi brides are famous for wearing the popular Kolhapuri saaj.It is as special as the mangal sutra. It is made of 21 pendents shaped as leaves and Jav Mani (golden beads). Every pendent is known individually for its own meaning. Out of these 21 pendents, 2 pendents have rubies& emerald stones and 10 pendents define the ten Avatar of Lord Vishnu. The final 8 pendentsrepresentAshta Mangal.Ashta means eight, while Mangal stands for depictinggood events. The last pendent is a Taviz.

6. Ambada

Ambada is a hair bun, tied in a traditional Maharashtrian style. After tying the hair in a bun, it is adorned with an Antique bun pin.

7. Kaan/ Ear cuff

Kaan is a traditional ear cuff studded with pearls or gold. Depending upon the choice of the bride in the marathi vivah, it can also be fully golden to beautify her ears.

8. Choker Moti Haar

Choker Moti Haar is a traditional Marathi bridal necklacemade intricately withPearls-Choker. It may have a pendent in the middle or several pendents depending on the bride’s choice.

9. Rani Haar

Rani Haar is a long pearl necklace set with a pendent in the middle and three layers of Pearlson strings. It looks very beautiful when combined with a Paithani Saree.

10. Vaaki

Vaaki is also known as bajuband or armbad. Now-a-days it is worn on one arm but it was traditionally worn on both arms. It is a traditional design which is flat and studded with precious stones in the middle.

These are the 10 most common bridal jewelries used in a Marathi Weddings. Our Maratha Vadhu Var Suchak Kendra helps you to find your soulmate with our easy to use website and mobile app - which help us give you seamless service.