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Must Watch Marathi Romantic Movies before you big day arrives

Must Watch Marathi Romantic Movies before you big day arrives

Thursday, March 11, 2021

There is no language barrier when it comes to films and love, after all its a way to express the feelings. And watching movies in the theatre is a romantic date for every couple, isn’t it? Thus, the leading Marathi Matrimonial Website in Mumbai - PavitraVivah.comhas thought of a list of some Romantic Marathi movies for to-be couples to watch before their big day arrives.

1. Photo Copy:

If you want to watch an intense Romantic drama then Photo Copy is meant for you. The story is about twin sisters who have are close to each other, but end up liking and loving the same boy. This movie will draw you in and hold your attention till the end.

2. Sairat:

A well-known movie among the youth. This movie is about a fisherman’s son and a politician’s daughter, who fall in love against the wishes of their parents, as they come from different castes and backgrounds. The movie hasracy sound tracksand a strong social message.

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3. Shala

Don’t focus on the name of the movie. This movie will make you understand how important your friends areas you step into the grown-up world. The movie brings out the reality of the first love at a young age. This is an impressive movie about love between two school mates.

4. Ti Sadhya Kay Karte

Its the love story of a childhood friends who wouldplay in the same colony and study in the same school. In this movie, Anurag wonders about his first love Tanvi, whom he hasn't met in years, since school. Will their love be rekindled when they meet after a long time? Watch this movie to enjoy the delightful dialogues.

5. Premachi Goshta

Be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage - the boy and the girl are strangers in the first stage of both of them!.Such is the story of Premachi Goshta. This is the story about two strangers who meet in a marriage counsellor’s office and then fall in love with each other.

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6. Coffee Ani Barach Kahi

If you are a Software engineer or an IT expert, you willlove this movie. The movie starts with a Coffee date and some flashback memories. In this movie, Jaai’s father wants her to marry Anish, but she is in love with Nishad, her manager. They begin meeting at a coffee shops but their stubborn nature holds them back from confessing their love for each other. Watch it with your loved ones. ;)

7. Mumbai Pune Mumbai

Just imagine - you are not ready for marriage and you end up rejecting a boy/ girl.Later you end up spending the day with the same stranger.Such is the story of Mumbai Pune Mumbai. This movie is a good light-hearted rom-com with mind-blowing dialogues, excellent music and superb acting by Mukta and Swapnil. This is an iconic cult movie, that every movie lover must watch.

8. Time Pass

Time Pass is a story of a mischievous, teen from an underprivileged background, who wants to teach his nemesis a lesson, by wooing his daughter and making her his girlfriend. The scenes of this movie were shot in Thane, so this story would be closer to your heart, if you have spent your childhood in Mumbai or the surrounding areas of Thane.

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