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Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals - a Simple, Joyous and Traditional experience

Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals - a Simple, Joyous and Traditional experience

Friday, January 29, 2021

Every Indian wedding is an elegant, exquisite affair. Maharashtrian weddings are known for following multiple rituals that have been passed down from father to son for centuries. These rituals are about the two families bonding together, and finding love and joy in each step. Every bride and groom is excited to experience the marriage rituals, so let’s have a quick view of the wedding rituals followed by them.

Pre-Wedding Rituals

1.Sakhar Puda

Sakhar Puda is an engagement ceremony where the groom’s family gifts the bride a saree and sakhar (sweets) which is considered a sign of acceptance. Rings are exchanged by the newly couple.


This Maharashtrian wedding ritual is followed by both the families, where they offer their prayers to their family deity (kuldevta), followed by lunch.

3.Halad Chadavane

This is one of the most enjoyable pre-wedding ceremony. In this ritual, mango leaves are dipped in turmeric paste and then applied on the body of the bride, the same ritual is followed by the groom.


Chuda is set of green glass bangles, which every Maharashtrian bride wears along with gold or pearl bangles. The bride can stop wearing the Chuda only after one month of her wedding. The Green colour is considered the colour of new life and rejuvenation. In this ceremony, women sing wedding songs and advise the bride for her new life.

A pre-wedding photo-shoot is as cheerful as pre-wedding rituals, as it builds a spiritual bond between the bride and groom. Head on to our next blog, to know about the rituals followed during a Wedding and Post-wedding. , the best marathi matrimony site in Mumbai says, “a Maharashtrian bride should wear an odd numbers of bangles in both her hands”. is one of the most sought after and user friendly Marathi Matrimonial Website.