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Maharashtrian Post Wedding Rituals - Simple Yet Graceful

Maharashtrian Post Wedding Rituals - Simple Yet Graceful

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Maharashtrian post-wedding rituals are as simple as the ceremony done on the day of the wedding. The post-wedding ceremony includes several cute yet traditional rituals that make the wedding ceremony very very attractive for all. The Marathi Matrimony website, - helps families across the world to find a suitable Marathi Bride or Groom for their wedding, to begin a beautiful married life.

If you are keen to know about post-wedding rituals performed in typical Maharashtrian weddings, then read more below.

 Varat

Varat is Maharashtrian Bidaai ritual where the bride leaves her house and arrives at the residence of her new family. While the bride completes this ritual, the groom takes the Parvati idol used in the Gaurihar Puja with him.

 Grihapravesh

A newlywed couple performs with Aarti on entering their new home. Thegroom’s mother washes the couple’s feet with milk and water. The bride gently kicks a Kalash filled with rice at the entrance, hoping for the prosperity of her new family and enters with her right foot first.

 Changing the Bride’s Name

Changing the bride’s name after her marriage has been a custom among many Maharashtrian families in India. The Kuldevta or their familial God and Om Ganeshay Nama are chanted and then the groom traces his wife name in a plate full of rice.

 Reception

After a long wedding, a final celebration party is organized where the bride and groom are introduced to the guests. The groom wears the outfit gifted by the bride’s family and the bride wears the outfit gifted by groom’s family.

 Tond Dhune and Vyahi Bhet

This ritual is held on the day after the wedding. The groom’s mother gives a saree and jewellery made of pearls, to the bride and the bride’s father presents the groom a gift made of silver.


Maharashtrian post-wedding rituals are full of fun as many young cousins, brothers, sisters and in-laws of the family. Pavitra Vivah, a Marathi Matrimonial website in Mumbai believes a Maharashtrian wedding has the essence of culture, traditions as well as joy and playfulness. So, are all eligible Marathi Mulgas and Mulgis ready to perform these exciting rituals?