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Horoscope Matching for Marriages-A boon or a bane?

Monday, May 6, 2019

Marriages are very special occasions that lay the foundation for new, life-long relationships. To ensure this long-term partnership turns out to be a positive and pleasing journey, people resort to horoscope matching. Horoscope matching is an old tradition in hindu marriages that have been in practice for long. In every caste and community people opt for horoscope matching for the would-be couples like Marathi vadhu var suchak is for people belonging to Marathi community.

People who believe in stars and agree that they have a very vital role to play in our relationships and lives can put forth several points in favor of horoscope matching. Following are the most common pros often given by the individuals preferring horoscope matching before marriages:

Compatibility test

Every individual looking forward to marriage, would love to know their compatibility quotient with their would-be partner. What else better than horoscope matching can provide the compatibility check. There are several factors that are taken into consideration to evaluate how the attributes of two individuals can go a long way in serving healthy and stronger bonding.

Satisfaction of following age-old tradition

Horoscope matching is highly recommended by traditional Indian families as it confirms with the ancient Indian traditions. Our ancestors consulted astrologers before marriage and following the lines of our forefathers is definitely expected to have auspicious influence. This is what many families feel. Infact, they feel more secure and satisfied while valuing family’s tradition, customs and traditions.

There are many horoscope matching centres that families often look forward to. Marathi vadhu var suchak kendra is one such center that is highly popular amongst Marathi community.

Well, while people going-in for horoscope matching have their own reasons for supporting the tradition there are others who regard this type of tradition baseless and of no relevance.

The points they put forward are

It leads to confusions and insecurities: Many believe that everything in life is predestined and if so is the case then what is the need for a horoscope. It will only lead to unnecessary doubts and confusions in the relationship and weaken the very foundation. Moreover, if the horoscope predicts certain negatives of the alliance, then it creates insecurities in the minds of the people that may later on pose threats to the relationship.

Predictions are not foolproof:

There are always possibilities that predictions may go wrong. Horoscope matching fails to prove its validity in the light of logical perspectives. There have been many instances where astrologers approved of the alliances but later the relationship fell apart. So, horoscopes can be never be the perfect testing tool determining the fate of a relationship.

Horoscope makes you Judgemental:

If you trust horoscope matching then there are always chances that you become opinionated. You start having preconceived notions about the person’s character, his/her attributes and nature. This definitely leads to illusions that can turn out to be misleading.



No matter how futile you consider the concept of horoscope matching, the fact is that millions still prefer this tradition. The existence of several marriage bureaus like Marathi marriage bureau and others prove that it is still relevant and people go for it.

Whether you feel more satisfied by resorting to horoscope matching or are confident to go without consulting the stars, we wish you all the best for your married life!