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How to Find a Compatible Partner in Arrange Marriages?

Monday, August 12, 2019

How do you know you are ready to get married? To this, someone has rightly replied: “Well, you don’t, until you get married?” Frankly, all your notions about marriage fly out the window once you become a part of it. In some ways, marriage is a gamble, a risk of sorts. Some marriages work as smooth as butter while some don't even last a full year. To make a marriage last, you should find a compatible partner. brings to you the factors you should consider to find a ‘compatible partner’ so that you spend your life in harmony and peace. If you are a Maharashtrian looking for a Maratha marriage bureau , buddhist marriage bureau or an online marriage bureau for any other caste, is your one-stop destination!

How to Check Compatibility

A marriage, although exciting and fun, is not easy at all. You have to be more than willing to share most of the things you own, including your personal space and time. Not just that, there will be trying times when you would have to sacrifice something you love in exchange for peace. Remember that hereon, there is a full-time human posted right beside you who will have a say and share in all of your life’s decision, so let that human better be worth it.


A marriage cannot merely survive on a beautiful soul and a pure heart, you also need to have a pleasing personality. Yes, that might sound offensive to some but it is the fact of life. Our first impression about a person is established by looking at their face, and then by their actual nature aka soul; both of which form the personality. Of course, physical attraction should not be the only criteria but surely the first one. Also, nature comes immediately next in the list, so a good face with a bad soul is a bad combination. The trick is to choose someone who complements you and your family, both physically and mentally. lets you have a look at the Marathi matrimony brides profile or groom profile along with the other details once you register.

Family Values and Lifestyle

One of the reasons why marriages don't work is due to the disparity between lifestyles. If the boy’s family is traditional and the girl’s family is liberal, then there might be cultural clashes. Being of the same caste is not enough as the upbringing and locality matter a lot in defining a personality. For example, if a girl is well educated, speaks multiple languages fluently and is adept to the city life but her parents marry her off to a relatively rural boy who speaks only in mother tongue and has a different set of standards then, unfortunately, their marriage won’t be happy even though they belong to the same caste.

Gender Roles

You first have to decide whether you are a believer in the school of conventional gender roles laid down by the society or you are more of a contemporary thinker who wants an equal for a partner? Do you want the husband to take care of work and wife to take care of home; or you expect both partners to take equal responsibility, be it work, cooking food, washing clothes, taking care of kids, etc? Once you have decided your type, your search will become more streamlined and your expectations will be set right at the beginning.

Willingness to Adjust

Even though you take calculated measures to make sure you don’t go wrong, you have to exhibit a certain level of maturity. By maturity, it means the understanding that marriages, even though made in heaven, can only last on earth if you are willing to ‘adjust’. As humans are prone to errors and shortcomings, life will never be fair to either of you. You may sometimes need to gulp down the mistakes of your partner and your partner may be required to do the same. That is the reality of life!

But here’s a way to overcome the burden of responsibilities - Love your partner. All this sharing does not seem like a big deal when you truly love the other person. Such love does not happen at ‘first sight’ but requires time and patience. It’s like they say, “marriage is a vehicle and the husband and wife are its wheels, the vehicle cannot run smoothly without the support of both the wheels. Arranged marriages give you an opportunity to take the first step right by choosing the most compatible partner so that the next steps become easy.