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Marathi Wedding Superstitions

Interesting Marathi Wedding Superstitions Passed on for Generations

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Marathi marriage is apparently known for its plain sailing and minimal grandiosity. However, it should not be mistaken to be a drab and formal affair. Whether arranged through a family social network or with the aid of a platform like Marathi matrimony Pune , Marathi marriages are replete with colorful and fun rituals that spice up the whole event. While most of the wedding rituals manifest the core values of the Marathi culture, there are some superstitions and beliefs carried on, for ages. Though quirky, they are very much a part of the Marathi marriage and are interesting to note. Here we have jotted down some interesting ones for you!


Darker the Mehndi Shade, Luckier is the Bride :

According to many, the shade of the mehndi put on the bride's hands and legs signify the love she will receive from her spouse and in-laws. It is believed that darker the color of mehndi, greater will the love she will get from her husband and in-laws.

Raining on the Day of Marriage is Good Omen :

Ideally speaking no one would like rain showers to ruin their wedding day. But Marathi brides and grooms welcome rain. Do you know why? This is because rain is believed to be auspicious which brings in its wake fertility, prosperity, and richness in the couple’s life.

Carrying Sharp Object Wards Off Evil Eye:

This may sound obscure, but Marathi couples carry a sharp object with them that is believed to ward off the evil eye or buri nazar. They need to carry the object from the time of their engagement until their marriage is solemnized.

Spilling of Milk :

The spilling of milk before or just after the big day is often associated with misfortune. Hence, it is believed that the families on both sides must be very careful during the wedding days to ensure there is no milk spilling at home.

Throwing Rice at Couple:

Ever wondered why couples are showered with rice at different wedding rituals. Rice is a symbol of Goddess Laxmi, which is known to be the deity of abundance. People shower rice to bless the couple for a happy and prosperous married life and protection against all evil spirits.

Stay Away from Each Other till Marriage :

While the courtship period can turn out to be the most cherishable phase, it’s advisable that Marathi couples should not see each other until the day of marriage. It is considered a bad omen to see each other before marriage. In fact, they should see only after Antarpat(curtain) is removed on the day of marriage. This superstition stems back to the ancient days when couples could see each other only once they got married.

Right Foot First :

As the bride does Grihapravesh, she is asked to step in with her right foot first. Entering with the left foot is considered to be inauspicious. When the bride reaches the threshold she has to push the Kalash(a pot filled with rice) with her right foot and then step inside the home. The ritual symbolizes the entry of Laxmi into the household.

Watch for Full Moon:

If you observe a full moon before your marriage it is believed to bring good fortune for you. It is likely to bring luck and happiness to your married life.


From warding off evil spirits to bringing in prosperity and happiness, these are harmless beliefs that continue to add a mystic charm to the marriages. So, whether you are a Marathi boy or a Marathi girl for marriage brace up for these marriage superstitions and you may just end up enjoying every bit of its quirkiness!