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Matrimonial Websites The Modern Day Cupid for The Singles

Saturday, March 2, 2019
 Marriage is as pertinent today as it was centuries ago. The major reason behind this is that marriage is the beginning of everything – the onset of a life-long commitment, the beginning of a family and most importantly the genesis of an eternal companionship. Over the course of time and evolution, many things might have changed but the constitution of marriage has remained rock solid.

In India, arranged marriages are still a norm for majority of the communities of our country. Recently some statistics were revealed according to which the arranged marriage rate in India at present is a surprising 82% and only 18% of the entire Indian population is interested in love marriages. These figures are enough proof that for Indians arranged marriages are still the preferred choice to find a life partner. This is where the matrimonial sites come into picture!

Owing to the introduction of internet, matrimonial sites that are a specific to a certain race have propped up. Marathi matrimony sites , Tamil matrimony, Marwari matrimony and many other similar sites have gained traction in a short time span. In contradiction to the dating sites in the West, matrimonial sites in India aim at facilitating matchmaking through the efficient use of technology.

What is the special feature of matrimonial websites?

The highlight of such sites is that it caters to the individualistic requirements of the youngsters and adults alike. Such sites are perfect for the elders because unlike dating sites matrimonials aim at finding the right match for their children. It is very easy for the elders to use such sites to find someone who is best suited for their family and understands their culture. Say for example if a family is looking for a Marathi girl for marriage they would be able find the perfect match on Marathi matrimonial websites .


On the other hand, the youngsters between the age of 25-35 like using these sites because here they will be successful in finding compatible partners who they can love and respect for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, these sites have a lot of variety to offer incase the families have special parameters preferences. 

Is it safe?

Many people have the safety concern while using such sites as marriage is a serious aspect of one’s life. So let me whisk away all your fears by saying that matrimonial sites are completely safe and user-friendly. There are several features that keep the personal information of the boy and girl visible to only the actually interested parties and are not revealed to the general public. Owing to their user-friendliness and security factor these websites have become the top avenue for matchmaking in recent times. 


Thus, on the whole we can conclude that matrimonial sites are a true blessing in disguise for the eligible bachelors and spinsters out there and it is not wrong to say that such sites are modern day cupids! So if you too are on the hunt for a life partner and you happen to be looking for a Marathi marriage bureau  then you should definitely consider dropping by at, they are proven matchmakers and will definitely help you find ‘The one’!