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Online Vadhu Var Suchak Mandals Are Changing The Face Of Arranged Marriages In India

Saturday, March 2, 2019
 In India, a wedding is the most important event in a person’s life. Indian marriages were always popular across the globe but especially came into the spotlight recently with the high profile wedding of the daughter of an Indian business tycoon, Mukesh Ambani. Evidently then, weddings these days are a grandiose affair with families spending their life’s earnings on the event. The joyous and elaborate celebrations and ceremonies go on for several days and come to an end with the bride leaving her own house for her husband’s.

For Indians, Arranged marriages have always been a quintessential desi thing. A 2017 survey found that 74% of young Indians prefer an arranged marriage over a love marriage. Indian marriages are not just between the bride and the groom, but between both their families too. Considering the scale and significance of this event, it is but natural for marriages to be taken seriously. Although arranged marriages are regarded as highly noble in our culture, it is nothing less of a risk too. Hence, in olden days, prospects were suggested by the uncles and aunties between families who were well-known within the community. Marrying within the community ensured matching culture & traditions, apart from the more broader reasons like common religion, region & language.

  The era of online matchmaking

Today is a time where the world has dispersed more than ever before. With people migrating to cities for jobs and other opportunities, and families no longer living together, the likelihood of relatives arranging marriages for you has become slim. Also, today, no one wants to rely on the suggestion of some random relative who is hell-bent to get you married off, even though you may have barely met! Enrolling into a typical brick and mortar Vadhu Var Suchak Mandal  may be time consuming for some. In the times when you can chart out the kundli of anyone through social media and internet, online matrimonial sites are your most favorable option. The ones with membership fees are highly secure and has a huge database to select according to the caste, education, salary, physical attributes and other preferences.


  Everything comes with a ‘Caution’ sign!


There have been instances where a resident Indian bride had been duped and abandoned by the groom and his family living abroad. In some cases, the groom had been tricked into marrying a girl having an affair. There are other sad cases where both the families are good, but the bride and the groom are not compatible with each other only to realize it much later. Such marriages either persist forcibly or end with a bitter divorce. In both cases, it is very traumatic and heartbreaking for both families, let alone the legal hassles they have to undergo in case of a divorce.


This risk however is not limited to arranged marriages alone. On the contrary, many of the divorces In India occur in love marriages. The thing about love marriage is that people grow less tolerant of each other as the effect of the love hormone (which was at the peak during their love affair), gradually begins to subside. They grow less fond of each other and even start to question their choices. This leads to dissatisfaction and eventually divorce.Traditional Indian arranged marriages serve a dual purpose - First, to find a life partner and emotional support for both, the bride & the groom. And second, to strengthen the bond within the community and continue the generation.  Hence, such marriages are formed on the foundation of more realistic aspects. Since both the parties are relatively new in the relationship, they have little expectations from each other. Love marriages are mostly, purely based on attraction while arrange marriages give more priority to practical parameters such as family background, social status, financial stability etc. At the end though, all marriages can work so long as you are willing to make it work.


  Getting it right, the first time


Modern times call for modern means of arranging marriages. Online matrimonial sites provide an apt platform for finding prospective spouses and filtering them according to your preference without even the need of getting your families involved. One such popular online matrimonial site in Maharashtra is is one of the best and most trusted online vadhu var suchak mandal in Thane,Dadar, Pune and Mumbai. When you search for the best deals even for household use and throw products, then why be careless about choosing your life partner. Visit today and find your soulmate!