Things to consider while doing an arranged marriage in Maharashtra
Thursday, March 26, 2020

Arranged marriages happen all over the world.Arranged marriages are preferred as the person you choose, has a similar family and upbringing to yours. There are many factors which a family considers before an arranged marriage and there are some factors which any individual should consider.

1.Life is not a movie!

Look for an individual who has qualities like honesty, kindness, politeness - things which really matter. It is this which will help you have a healthy relationship. A sense of humor, dancing, cooking etc. are nice to have but they aren’t necessary for you to be in a happy relationship. At the end it is the personality of a person that is going to make you feel comfortable and not his/ her skills.

2.You can be yourself

It may sound old, but having a partner with whom you can be your complete self is a dream come true. You can do whatever you want without having the fear of being judged. Your relationship must be your safe place where you can be totally comfortable without having to put on any kind of appearance.

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3.Same life goals

When it comes to long term planning, you both should be on the same page. Buying a house, a car, vacations, property, kids, etc. This may seem like a light topic, but it can affect your relationship in the later stages.

4.Do not compromise

There is a sea of difference between settling for something and compromising for something.One gives you happiness, while the other may let you feel upset always. Don’t settle for any less than you deserve. Don’t by signing up to marriage websites that won’t let you be disappointed.

Arranged marriages work everywhereas people trust each other givethe process a chance to work.

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5 Stop following your list

Everyone has a list of things a life partner must have. Your list of the ideal partner has to go! Don’t let a fantasy list let you miss out on finding a great life partner. Focus more on how the other person makes you feel instead of his qualities. What matters at the end is how comfortable you are with the person rather than his dancing or cooking skills.

6.Keep your fear aside

Don’t get married to someone just because you are worried about living alone. That does not happen. Don’t let your fear choose a Marathi spouse for marriage who you are not sure of completely. It’s better to wait than make a hasty decision that you will regret later on. This is a long term thing, make sure you think everything about it and then make a decision.